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Hi I’m single because I have no personality and I’m not attractive
Love me?

Am I cute yet?
okay now I know why I&#8217;m still single
lolol I&#8217;m butt ugly
Have my face &lt;3

Face spam real quick before I go to bed. Night loves, leave us things in the ask or submission box please♥ - Ashley

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Hi. Just felt like face spamming you guys real quick. 

- Ashley

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Happy Valentines Day♥

Hello lovely gorgeous/handsome amazing wonderful followers 

I just wanted to make a quick post and tell you all that I hope you have a glorious Valentines day— whether you are spending it alone, with a girlfriend/boyfriend, cat/dog/any animal, or food and the internet (like I am)— and that you have an amazing day. 

Basically I hope your day is full of awesome. Also I love you all to death.

Happy Valentines day~

- Ashley

See? I even made a horrible gif, just for you guys. anyways, leave us asks/love/submissions or what have you. 

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Just posting mine and Ashley&#8217;s face no big deal c: -Danielle